Andrew Herrera Bio About Me

About Me

    I'm a passionate 3D Generalist who loves games and film. I have been fortunate, throughout my career, to have the opportunity to work with talented designers, explore creative solutions to production challenges, and see fantastic concepts come to life.


    Andrew started his career in 2018. His main focus at the time was editing and compositing but quickly began to fall in love with the 3d generalist workflow during his time at Gnomon. Today he focuses more on modeling, texturing, level design, lighting, and rendering. He is very passionate about creating new and interesting art while understanding how to translate the look and feel of the real world into his workflow.  He constantly strives to gain new skill-sets along with a more broad knowledge about the post-production pipeline while maintaining high production quality.

He has a huge passion for 3d modeling and art in general so what you see here is the reflection of that passion. He loves working on personal projects and evolving his creative process for worlds, props, characters, etc.